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Cloud Backup

Equipped with extensive backup features

An easy-to-use client-side backup application adopted by most businesses and managed backup service providers worldwide for backing up desktop and laptop computers.


Looking for an easy-to-use and cost effective backup application with on-site and offsite backup capabilities for backing up desktop and laptop computers? Blue Cloud Backup is what you need. It is an easy-to-use backup application equipped with backup features designed for backing up desktop and laptop computers.

With its user friendly design and its versatile backup capabilities, it has been adopted by most businesses and managed backup service providers worldwide since its first release in 2006.

key benefits of Blue Cloud Backup include:
  •     Secure backup with 256-bit encryption
  •     Ultra-fast multi-threaded backup and restore
  •     Set it and forget it automatic operation
  •     Easy to use with clean and well designed user interface

Among all backup software available in the market, Blue Cloud Backup comes with comprehensive backup features for backing up desktops and laptops.

Download Trial Version:

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Extensive Features:

  • CDP

    Blue Cloud Backup is equipped with Continuous Data Protection (CDP) feature that keeps monitoring the changes made to the selected files and folders, and backs them up in real-time. In conjunction with our flexible Retention Policy, you’ll never miss any changes made.

  • Backup Schedule

    Blue Cloud Backup allows you to define flexible backup schedule in backing up your data. In general, it is recommended that a daily backup be performed for a desktop or laptop. The backup scheduler in Blue Cloud Backup client-side backup application is a simple one, allowing a user to create a daily backup schedule.

  • In-File Delta

    Blue Cloud Backup has been equipped with our proprietary In-File Delta technology. With this feature, the original file is required to be backed up once only, i.e. in the first backup job. Subsequently, only changes are necessary to be backed up. Thus, it can effectively mimimize the backup window.The In-File Delta for Blue Cloud Backup is configured on the Blue Cloud Server side. Thus, this feature is totally controlled by Blue Cloud Backup.

  • Multi-threading

    The new multi-threading implementation in Blue Cloud Backup can improve the backup and restoration speed to a great extent, especially for the client machines with multi-core CPUs, as they will create 2 threads per CPU’s core during backup or restoration. For a client machine which has a quad-core CPU, 8 threads will be created during backup or restoration. That means the speed will be a lot faster than a single-threading operation..

  • Password protection

    For each backup account using Blue Cloud Backup, it is required to have a login name and password. These credentials will be used for logging in the client-side application as well as the user section of the Blue Cloud Backup web console for security protection.

  • 256-bit encryption

    All data will be compressed and encrypted with 256-bit encryption with an encrypting key selected by the user on Blue Cloud Backup , before being uploaded and stored on the Blue Cloud Backup server. On the other hand, decryption is only possible with user’s encrypting key. This mechanism provides exceptional security to the backed up data.

  • Retention Policy

    The Recycle Bin setting in Blue Cloud Backup allows a user to define how long the locally deleted files are going to be retained on the backup server. Besides, it is also used for defining how many legacy versions of a file needs to be kept.

  • Proxy Server Support

    Blue Cloud Backup supports the use of proxy server. Simply enter the dedicated proxy server’s information in Blue Cloud Backup and that’s it.

  • Logout Reminder

    Blue Cloud Backup comes with a System Logout Backup Reminder feature. With this option selected, the user will be “reminded” to perform backup when logging off Windows or shutting down the machine. If the user selects “Yes”, Blue Cloud Backup will start the backup job and shut down the machine automatically when completed. It thus ensures that no backup job will be missed.

  • Offline Reminder

    Blue Cloud Backup is equipped with an Off-line Backup Reminder feature. It is basically designed for user whose computer is off-line most of the time and cannot rely on the backup schedule to backup regularly. With this feature, the user will be reminded to back up when the machine is online so as to keep the critical data backed up.

    The Backup Interval allows users to specify the interval that they would like their data to backup. When the machine is online and this interval has elapsed, backup will run automatically. If Off-Line Backup Alert is enabled, a popup message box will ask the user to confirm starting the backup. The Email Notification setting is the number of days since the last backup that triggers the backup server to send email notification to the client to remind him to run an off-line backup. When the System Logout Backup Reminder setting is enabled, a popup message box will ask the user to start a backup before logging out / shutting down Windows.

  • Backup Filter

    Blue Cloud Backup allows you to filter the files and folders to be included or excluded in a backup set by their extensions.

    To automatically include all Words document files within the selected directory, enter the file extension of Words document (e.g. .doc) in the File name extension field and press [Add].

    Select [Include matched] as filter mode and then click on the [OK] button, and all Words document files within the corresponding directory will be included as backup source automatically.

    There is no need to select each Word document files within the advanced backup source dialog manually.

  • Open File Backup

    Blue Cloud Backup has been integrated with Microsoft’s latest Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) framework. It allows you to back up files that are being opened in Windows without any additional applications or plug-ins.

    In a typical office scenario, a .pst file which stores copies of many important emails is always accessed / locked by Microsoft Outlook. With VSS enabled, you can backup the .pst file with Blue Cloud Backup at anytime without closing Outlook and users are still able to access their emails.

  • General Feature

    *Auto-restart missed backup job
    *Removing server-side backup data from client
    *One time restore multiple versions

  • Server Version Features

    *Lotus Notes Client Backup
    *Lotus Notes Domino Backup
    *MS Exchange Server Backup
    *MS Exchange Mail Level Backup
    *MS SQL Server Backup
    *MySQL Backup
    *Oracle Database Server Backup
    *System State Backup
    *ShadowProtect System Backup
    *MS Windows System Backup
    *MS VM Backup
    *VMWARE VM Backup